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GET REAL LOL/THE BIG BROTHER REPORT would like to invite you to our SPREECAST CHANNEL for BBPalooza! 7pm est Monday the 29th! Jessie BB15 and Shana host and their guest is The Beast Mode Cowboy himself Celab BB16.Grab a drink and watch fans & alumni gossip and play games! Hit …


Final thoughts on BB

I did a review of the Houseguests before the feeds went live with only initial interviews available. I thought I’d go back …


Big Brother League Game

It’s time for the Get Real LOL Big Brother League game to start! But first… if you are interested in being a …


Costumes & Unitards

    The Houseguests in Big Brother get to wear some interesting costumes for comps but the really fun ones are the …

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Derrick, The Mist 2.0?

    We all know Dan had major ‘Mist’ going on in any of his seasons but what about Derrick? He’s obviously …


Watch our Interview with Devin

Our live show with Devin and Jessie! If you couldn’t make it to the live show just click this link anytime and you can …


A Difficult Farewell

    It’s been such a rough week in the Big Brother house; we wanted to pay special homage to Frankie and …

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