Love Quotes Scarves in New Fall Colors

Love Quotes Scarves hit the big time last winter when it was seen slung stylishly around the neck of just about every fashionista in Hollywood. Who exactly wore them? Lindsay Lohan, Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff, Sienna Miller, Fergie, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba are just a few of the starlets who own the scarves in multiple colors. This past summer, Love Quotes launched new tropical inspired colors. But now as cool weather returns it’s time for the brand to usher in a new line of colors, and let me tell you, they’re all fab!

The fall color line up for Love Quotes scarves includes old favorites from last winter. Cobalt blue was seen on Fergie and Lauren Conrad last season. This color in particular is important for the Fall/Winter 08-09 season, so of course Love Quotes is still producing it and it’s expected to be huge. Moonbeam (white) and meditation (black) were spotted on numerous celebrities. And Romance (hot pink) is quite similar to Cosmopolitan which was popular throughout the winter and spring.

Unfortunately, Love Quotes did have to say goodbye to a few colors, including Cocoshell, which was a very pretty shade of beige. Thankfully it’s been replaced by Ale, which is a similar shade of beige. Also joining the ranks is Maritime, a dark navy blue which looks great with red, pink and denim. Deep teal is yet another dark color that’s perfect for the fall. And there’s also charcoal, a dark shade of gray that is a must have, considering gray is a popular color once again this year and it will contrast well with black and white outfits.

My personal favorite Love Quotes scarf this season, aside from Cobalt blue, is Bordeaux. This is a deep shade of crimson which is absolutely gorgeous, and will also look great up against casual black and white outfits as well as jeans. This shade is destined to be a hot one, and I’m sure we’ll see a celebrity or two out and about with it.

Just a warning though, buying Love Quotes scarves is addictive! Once you buy one, you’ll want one in every single color, and why not when they complete just about any outfit. Be sure to pick up at least two new Love Quotes Scarves; one in a classic color and another in a new one.